Fly Thru

To view the flythru, you will need the flash 6 plugin installed for your browser. So if you can't see anything below, then you need to go here to download the plugin. It will only take a few minutes, even on a dial up connection.

It is recommended that you have a fast connection to watch this fly-thru. The total size is close to 3mb which could take several minutes to load if you only have a dial up connection.

courtesy of Azimuth Land Surveys

Movie 1, this clip is a fly thru of part of the original site, created using recitified photography draped over 3 dimensional data.

Movie 2, fly thru of same area of site with changes made to buildings and surrounding area.

Movie fly thru's are created at much higher quality, Mpeg2 (pal) format, but large file size causes problems viewing over the Internet. What you are viewing above has been converted into the flash file format to make viewing it over the internet easier. If you would like to see the original Mpeg clip, you can download it by clicking here. It's approx 5.5mb. Interested parties can be supplied with high quality fly thru samples on CD.

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